Anonymous FTP Site
One of the best ways to transfer and retrieve files from the Internet is through the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  We provide an FTP site that allows you to share files with us quickly, easily, and privately. We encourage you to upload any files that will assist us in quoting, manufacturing, or assembling your order as well as creating the artwork necessary to build your product. It is easy to use the FTP site and to make it easier, we have created instructions for the use of our site. We recommend that you use an FTP program when connecting to our site but your browser will suffice.  Zipping all of your files can speed downloads and since it will also encrypt the files, it is highly recommended.  We like WS FTP Pro,  available from IP Switch's website, or  you can download  a free copy for evaluation.  Winzip is an excellent archiving program useful for zipping your files and a free copy for evaluation is also available.  For your convenience, we also make evaluation copies of WS FTP and Winzip available at our FTP site

Our FTP server is located at  You can use the login name Anonymous and your e-mail address as your password.  You will be allowed to download files from the /pub folder and you may upload your files to the /incoming folder.  You will not be allowed to upload files to the /pub folder and files in the /incoming directory will not be visible to you or any other anonymous user.  Only authorized CSI staff members will be able to view these files.

Please include the part number in the file name of documents you upload. Whenever you upload a document to the server please notify us either by mentioning it in the special field of our online RFQ's or by sending us an e-mail. Contact us with any problems you may encounter.

Guidelines for uploading

Zip all files into one .zip using Pkzip or Winzip. We suggest you use your part number and revision as the file name (ex. and limit file names to 8 characters. Names such as "" or "" are unacceptable and have a high risk of being overwritten. You may upload files for boards with no more than two trace layers. All files must include a readme.txt file containing a list of every file in the zip (except for readme.txt) and a brief description; it must also list all non gerber specs for the job; it must provide conact information for an engineer who can help resolve any problems. This will help us process your order as quickly as possible.

Gerber files must be in 274x format, if your board is not in this format you must contact us before you upload to be sure that we can properly process your files. Each layer should have its own unique gerber file and there must be a fabrication print with drill pattern and sizes in gerber format. Also include an aperture file and a CNC drill file in Excellon format.

Please review your gerber files before uploading them. Please use Lavenir Viewmate or another Lavenir program to see what we see.

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